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Default Re: Advice on Electronic Drum Amp

I love Roland gear. I own three PM-1's and three KC-100's. Both are rated as 60 watt amps. For drums, the PM-1 has the edge over the KC-100. Better low end. Larger speaker and cabinet. PM-1's ran me about $350 each .... KC-100, about $250 each. Solid, workhorse amps. In my studio, I run drums and bass thru the PM's, and guitar and keyboards thru the KC's.
If you're gonna jam live, of the two amps you mentioned, I'd go with the PM-30. The PM-10 just doesn't have the juice to compete with "a band". Lets face it, bands tend to get loud. And that's why, in my studio, I have six amps. I control how loud people are gonna get. No one brings an Ampeg SVT or Marshall half stack into my place. My studio, my rules.
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