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Default Re: Buying music

I didn't say that I agreed with Brian's view of the matter.

All I'm saying is that the best model in the near future is for artists to own the rights to their own work and distribute it themselves. That is what the digital domain has allowed us to do. There are plenty of independent vinyl pressing facilities that will press for relatively little money (I was looking at it as a means to distribute some of my material - which is still unreleased). If you want to offer a physical product, you can offer limited runs of vinyl at a relatively high cost, you can offer standard Mp3 format and you can offer a higher-quality lossless format like FLAC at a slightly higher price. None of this is new, to my knowledge this has been around since at least 2007. I've even bought a few vinyl records based on this principle.

I've even seen bands in the last few years turning it all on its head and releasing the stems from their own projects for fans to send back in. These remixes have then been sold as separate products by the band.

There's no lack of innovation in the music sector and there are plenty of ways of making money. I still hold by my assertion though that record companies set their physical prices far too high and did not embrace the digital age quickly enough.

The bands asking for their music to be distributed freely are making an artistic choice. The Gnu Public Licence is much the same in my eyes - it can as much be an artistic choice as the music itself.
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