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So I've spent a fair amount of time on tech forums and sites lately, and several months back the topic of pirating media (movies, tv shows, games, not so much music but it factors as well) was a regularly discussed issue. From a legal/copyright aspect, there ultimately needs "permissions chain" in a sense; proof that a copy was paid for. Plain and simple, stupid, but simple. Even if you bought the CD, technically, ripping it is illegal; this is more applicable to video content as DVD ripping software isn't legally sold stateside, I think they may have gotten so late to the game that ripping music was already widespread. But in a hypothetical context the feds could kick down your door and prosecute you and you would definitely lose.

Although I've kind of got a slight issue with where the conversation has gone. I hate to sound like a jackass or Debbie downer, but CD sales have fallen completely flat so I'm not sure why it's being mentioned as much as it is (I still buy CDs by the way). I mean purchasing is predominantly done via online stores or streaming services. Actually, the push is more towards streaming music nowadays with services like Spotify and Rdio, etc. continuously growing. Which is why I think CD prices haven't really gone down any further. Record companies make more money off of music when it's being streaming. The artists on the other hand are being robbed.

Just my personal opinion on the OP. So I currently pay for the majority of the stuff I have: streaming music (via Rdio); anything that I actually want, I'll go out and buy (weather online or to an actual store). But when it comes to something that I can't access, I'll willingly download it for example something like Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead". Catchy tune, I like it, the kids love it, it puts asses in the seats, but I've also heard a fair amount of their stuff and I'm not a big fan. I found that out by downloading their stuff illegally (this was before I had Rdio). Had I done it in the form of the old model, I would've wasted money. Conversely, The Allman Brothers' "Eat a Peach" album; I had that on CD when I was in high school (lost it), ended up downloading it (one of my first .mp3 purchases, from Amazon). Then a couple of years later I was at a Best Buy and saw a double disc version and bought that (it had an additional live album). And about three months ago I bought it on vinyl, just to have it. Oh yeah, and then there's YouTube...
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