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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Just wanted to say how inspirational your musicianship is. After "discovering" you on the 2008 Modern Drummer DVD last year, I have now gotten (oh, I bought them for my own money of course, still old fashioned in that sense) your DVDs as well as most of the Styx stuff with you on them (both Cds and live dvds). I thought that I had heard and "knew" all the bands, records and drummers that I could imagine and wanted to. Now I can add Styx and you to that list. Not putting down John Panozzos original parts, you have certainly raised the bar the way you play them.
Your Methods and Mechanics dvds are awesome, so inspirational, beautifully shot and musically brilliant and relevant. Watching a lot of drum-instructional dvds (and I got a lot of them), some makes me give up, some just full of technical and über-fast playing and some are just a show-off.
Although I'll never reach your level, your playing makes me want to play more, practice more and try to get better.
What more can you ask for? Now excuse me, but I'm off to my rehearsal space.

Cheers from Norway. (Don't rule out a couple of questions on this web in the future)

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