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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Kelly (...easy)
Age? 27
How long have I been playing? I started when I was 13, played intermittently after high school and during college; took serious lessons for about 2.5 years until a little more than a year ago; am now trying to get back into it since i'd like to continue practicing.
Origin of my username? ...apparently not thoughtful enough ;)
Top 5 drummers? Jon Fishman, Steve Gadd, Phil Collins, Bill Bruford, Dave Grohl
Make of drumkit? Tama Rockstar (same kit since I was 13)
Make of cymbals? Sabian
Where do you practice? I haven't really been able to for the last few years since I moved into an apt and now a condo (although parent's house where my kit is isn't too far). I'm actually looking into electronic kits right now (feel free to message me if you have recommendations/thoughts!!)
Are you or were you in a band? Sort of: I'm playing on and off with my first band (it's hard to get together regularly). Now, I'm starting to talk with other friends about making a new band (while keeping the first band in the routine).
Covers or originals? Both
Style of music? Progressive rock, classic rock, hard rock, funk, reggae, (good) pop. Pretty much anything (with rock being my go-to, obviously), although there are some exceptions -- e.g., country.
Take out food? Ledo's Pizza
Country? USA
One really odd fact about yourself? Each finger i have represents a drum or cymbal on a drumkit so i can play wherever and whenever. :)
How did I start drumming? I actually started on guitar (played from about 11-13) but then moved to drums and never really looked back.
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