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Default Re: Advice on Electronic Drum Amp

A Roland "Drum Amp" is the same as a Roland keyboard amp, but a little more expensive.
You can get a really nice Roland KC series Keyboard amp at a reasonable price and it will sound great.

Stay away from using a Guitar or Bass amps...
Guitar amps are made for a high-end instrument, so your Snare and Cymbals will sound great, but you will not get the proper low end for the Kick and Toms, and you run the risk of blowing the amp.

The same applies for a Bass amp, geared for a low-end instrument, the kick and toms wil sound good, but cymbals and snare will be muddy. Again, running the risk of damaging the amp.

Because drums have extreme highs and lows it's always best to use a keyboard amp or PA, as they are essentially the same thing. You will get a better overall sound, and will not damage your gear.
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