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Default Advice on Electronic Drum Amp

Just bought a DTX560k. Waiting for it to arrive. Started playing again after a long layoff, and need to be able to play without disrupting my homelife. I have the requisite headphones for that purpose. However I know that much sooner than later I will want to buy an amp that will give me a good tingle when I play it at home, and if for some reason I want to jam with some friends will give me some halfway decent volume. Odds are that would be rare.

Two questions. First, any suggestions for an amp/monitor in the $500 range? Roland P! 10 or Roland Pm30 any good? I want something that won't sound tinny.

In the meantime I have a 15 year old Fender guitar amp, think it was $300 back then. Will,it work with the drum kit? Will I destroy the amp by using it with the drum kit?

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.
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