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I think it depends on what you want from the pedal. What sort of music do you play? If you wanted just speed, go for Axis Longboards.
No I for sure don't need Axis long boards. I'm personally really into death, death core, grind core etc etc but I'm not sure that I will be religiously playing that style of music so I don't need something that will allow me to do 280 bpm lol. Though I do like to sit there and just play double bass while adding in 1/8 or 1/16 notes on the hi hat, ride/bell, snare and so on. I never really tried to test myself with a metronome yet, which I guess I should be doing and should be ashamed that I haven't. Although I have messed with it to give me something to get creative with and to test myself with rudiments. I need to get more sticks soon as I am completely out, so when I do I'll see what I top out at and update here when I'm done.

Actually TBH since getting back behind a kit I don't find myself playing any certain type of music and really I'm sort of just taking my time, wondering through the drumming world right now. 11 years ago I played a lot of classic rock, hard rock and nu-metal like Korn, Rage etc. Though now with being exposed to the proper tools of drumming I find I just like to sit and be creative, while playing to a song here and there. Which I could never do 11 years ago. I could play music but when it came to coming up with fills or doing paradiddles on the hat, snare and bass...... nope I would sit there like a dope lol.

I really like the creativity of Gospel chops as I have never seen that stuff before. You'll see a drummer every now and then really over use these chops as fills but when played the right way it's just awesome! Though that's where my troubles start to come into play. I can't do double strokes on the bass drum that quick while heel up or with heel toe with these beaters. I had the tension up quite a bit to get these massive beaters to rebound more quickly but because of the weight of the beaters, foot board and added tension it just gave me too much trouble on the down beat. So after having it like that for quite a few months, I recently put the spring to medium to low tension and with the beaters quite a ways back to keep some tension on it. It definitely helped with the doubles and making my leg last longer but now it's too loose and the beater is too heavy to go any faster. I want the spring and natural friction of the bearing giving me resistence, not massive beaters. Although I'm sure with higher priced and better made pedals, beater weight wouldn't make much of a difference. Also speed doesn't have to apply to just metal music, Gospel chops, fills etc along with allowing your right foot to go as fast as you right hand does while playing paradiddles is needed as well.

I'm just going to get some new beaters, mess with the adjustments on these 3000's some more and see what happens. I'll update with my bpm with the current config and then update after I get new beaters for these pedals.
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