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A pair can last a song or an entire night. After all, they are wood. And wood is a natural product so it depends on the piece you get. I have found that to be true whether it's Maple, Hickory or Oak....and whether it's Promark, Vater, Vic, etc.

The nice thing (for me) about Maple is that they don't shred like Hickory. They just sort of dent, and when it's time they just snap. Also the tips never chip. They often do with Hickory, but playing Maple sticks for the better part of 30 years, I've seen maybe 3 tips chip in that time frame. Pretty impressive.

I hope you check my stick out and that it works for you. I feel it's a unique design and I've never been happier using the 330Ws since they were designed in 2004.

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