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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
CDs were being sold in the same shop. Some were two for ten pounds (fine) but the majority were at the 9 and even up to 25 [. . . ] Record companies were very slow to adapt to a changing marketplace. Had CDs been available for just a few pounds in the late 90s then piracy would never have taken off online.
I'm betting that was HMV, right? I don't know how they and their like are still going when you compare their prices to Amazon/Play etc.

Something that occurs to me about CDs: if someone I like produces an album I will invariably get the CD copy, rather than going to iTunes etc for it, for the higher-quality sound. This is fine if the CD has been produced and mastered by someone who knows what they're doing - but a great deal of modern pop music has been mastered so that the audio is at maximum possible loudness. These records that are too loud have effectively removed any dynamic nuance from the finished product and even have clipped and distorted audio; the practical upshot of this is an album that sounds like a mushy wall of noise and not much else.

This over-compression of the audio has been going on for a while and despite a recent movement to do away with this practice I'd be interested to see any research on how many people are put off buying CDs etc because they feel that the product itself - not the actual written music - is not worth paying for.
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