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Originally Posted by dRummmmmmm View Post
I have just got few days ago the DW 3000 Double pedals. They cost me 250 euros and i got 15% off so it cost me i think 212 euros which is about 200 dollars. The pedals are really smooth and I like them, I can do fast little fills but I can play only few seconds with speed of 170bpm and I lose the speed.

My questions are... Do you have DW 3000 double pedals, and what do you think about them? Tell me your thoughts even if you have tried them. How fast you can play with them?


Originally Posted by scarlit View Post
The DW's have very heavy beaters. Try a lighter beater, like the Iron Cobra beaters or the Yamaha felt beaters. The 3000 is a good pedal for the money.

I too have the 3000's and paid the same as you dRummmm. Yes the beaters are like playing with cinder blocks as beaters. I have a quick foot even for a relatively intermediate drummer and I get frustrated when trying to do quick doubles or triplets because I know "at least I think so lol" that these beaters and/or pedals are holding me back. I'm telling you I can feel the twitch in my foot wanting to do doubles and triplets and cant because these beaters are holding me back. If I change out the beaters, which I will be doing soon (have had these pedals for 8 months) and it doesn't get better I am going to feel pretty dumb for paying $200 for DW pedals that have ended up hindering my fun and progress. Although I look at it on a bright side as well. For the time that I have had these I have sort of gave my right AND left leg/foot a work out. So considering how well I can play with the current heavy setup, I can only imagine how well I could flow with either lighter beaters or new pedals. Which I too am looking at the Speed Cobras.

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
As I said in another thread - the dw beaters are heavy, that's true - but I'm taking this as a challenge (to make your practice harder and let your feet get accustomed to heavy beaters). If I can do good speed with them then switching to lighter beaters might mean going even faster.
Exactly, I said the same thing above. I sort of see it as weight training for my legs and feet lmao!

Originally Posted by dtrushr30dw View Post
I have 9000 dw double pedals, 5000 series double pedals, and 7000 series. The 7000 series double pedals have been replaced by the 3000 series, but anyway... I think the 7000 series which are double chain and very adjustable, just put the amazing lightweight hardcore beaters on and they have power and will fly like 5000's. I recommend checking the 7000 or 3000 series (I believe they are the same).
I really, really, really, REALLY hope you're right! I plan to either get red wood beaters, the Tama IC beaters, or a Gibraltar light weight beater. Gonna see what's instock at GC when I go and then if they don't have anything I'll just make a decision and order something. All your posts about the heavy beaters holding this pedal's potential back give me a lot of hope!! Thanks!
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