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Originally Posted by Balto View Post
All of us as musicians should see this discussion as something very easy to grasp.
At the core, yes. But there's a difference between those who play casually, and those who are in the business.

Musicians who do this for a living try to sell their music. What a nerve, eh? Doesn't matter what genre, they expect to get paid for creating music. Ultimately the listeners decide what they like and will pay for. But to like the music enough to steal it and not pay is just wrong. If the artist is making music that people want to hear, they should pay. If people don't want to hear it, then they shouldn't be downloading it.

Musicians who don't do this for a living often don't have a clue about it. They think there are a bunch of fatcat artists who can afford to lose thousands, maybe millions of sales. They think there's no harm downloading a song for free or getting the file from a friend, and then think nothing of passing it along to someone else or even posting it for public download. They somehow rationalize this as promoting the artist, to help them sell more music I suppose?

I'm probably beating a dead horse here... those who get it, get it. Those who don't will always find a way to rationalize their actions.

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