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Default Re: Buying music

"Sharing" meaning what, letting everyone listen from a single device? And how extended is the family? Are you sharing music with 2nd cousins' spouses?

I would say immediate family is fine - spouse, children, siblings, parents (although the legal system differs.) The problem with you sharing music with them, is that some of them will 'share' it with someone else, who will 'share' it with someone else, etc etc. It goes way beyond family, and a single 'gift of music' can rob an artist and songwriter or dozens, maybe hunderds of sales. If one person posts it on a download site, that means several thousand sales lost.

If you were an artist, you'd understand. And no, the paltry handful of established artists who've come out and said they're giving away their music don't count. Consider how many albums Radiohead sold before pulling that stunt. And still they said pay what you want... and there was a minimum payment! Even their 'free' album wasn't free. Writers and musicians and singers don't do this for charity.

I'm not saying everyone can be a perfect angel about this, but people do get creative when it comes to rationalizing giving music away, or getting it without paying.

Sorry to rant, I realize that most people can't possibly understand. Artists and labels and music sellers are still trying to find exactly the right words.

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