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Default Re: Need life advice about job offer from fellow drummers.

In life, time is money. The time and gasoline $$$ you spend commuting 40 miles each way is priceless, in my opinion. I left jobs after a few months because the commutes were 1-2 hours each way, Now, thank the Lord God, I commute 15 minutes each way to work and I could never ever go back to those long drives again. No matter what anyone paid me.

Take the local job now! You'll enjoy it more. Don't worry about health insurance. I have it and never use it. I think staying healthy is the best health insurance. I think some people who have health insuracne can be lazier than those who don't. Insurance is just an excuse to go incessantly to the doctor for every little thing and have them shoot you up with dangerous vaccines and hand out prescriptions like they're candy. Go vegetarian, exercise and take that other job asap :) p.s. sorry for the rant..
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