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Default Re: Need life advice about job offer from fellow drummers.

Originally Posted by ToxiqIce View Post
Hello everyone. I'm a long time browser first time poster. Right now I have a job that I really don't like. It's a parts and service job. Its in another town 40 miles away. I like all my coworkers but I'm just not into parts and service. Plus I hate dealing with customers. It's a weakness but I'm just very annoyed by redneck ignorance. But the job pays very well for me just being 18. I have been offered a job for an audio and sound install position at a local music store. It would be work I would enjoy much more. And I get a discount on gear! It would be the same hours As my job and I wouldn't have to drive out of town. The bad news is it pays about 500 a month less and doesn't have health insurance. Anyone care to give me advice on this matter? I would love you long time for it
Divergent answer here: Health Insurance is priceless. I am happy to hear some can make it many years and not need health insurance. I guess as a Registered Nurse, I don't get to meet those people, I get to meet the ones who are ravaged by illness and can't get procedures, transplants, antibiotics etc. because they don't have health insurance.

IMO, Health Insurance is worth at least 500 dollars per month. Cost it out, how much is health insurance on your own?

Health Insurance matters but obviously my perspective is different, I work in that industry. People without it who have a car accident, pnuemonnia, HIV, Cancer, a cold get creamed.

My vote is health insurance, I would not leave a job to take another one without it.

BUT my perspective is from sick people. and Sick people used to be well people until something happened.
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