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Default Re: Need life advice about job offer from fellow drummers.

I say, take the gig closer to home. The savings in gas will help make up the wage difference. A car with decent gas mileage, you're probably spending $250 a month, commuting. If you drive a gas pig, more.
Finding a job you like, to me, is worth a pay cut. I used to work for the Post Office (as a letter carrier) .... and the job sucked. I finally left it, after 11 years, took a 50% pay cut, and got a job (several) in music retail. The pace of mind in my head was well worth a $15K wage cut. I worked in record/CD/DVD shops for 15 years, sweet.
Yes, as others have said, you need a plan. You don't necessarily have to stick to it, but you need to set goals. Figure out where you want to be 5 years from now. And 10. And 15. Of course, something comes by, just too good to pass up .... you jump on it. I know cats doing audio/video installations making boo-coo bank. If you're good, and you got your stuff together, it's good work.
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