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I dont believe in pirating music. But..... I get tired of these artist that wine when you know they use to tape stuff. I watched an interview with Lars who said "back in the day someone would get a tape and bring it over and we would tape it and bring it to someone else." That is piracy. Unless you have bought every piece of music you ever had then shut up. Me and my wife share a iTunes account. We have totally different taste in music. We have over 8000 songs on our account. Of the 8000 songs we may share about 10 songs on our iPhone. I see no problem with this. And i never taped anything. I always liked to have the album. But i am the minority.

Also yes coping a cd from the library is piracy and so is xeroxing a book. Just buy the songs you want. Music is not that expensive. And artist loosing and my wife sharing a iTunes account is the same as us sharing cds. There is a line. We should not have to buy 2 of the same song.
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