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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I remember a few years ago Garth Brooks was upset that there were used record, CD, stores. He wanted everyone to buy new. So his logic, we would not have used book stores, used cars, Goodwill Industries, etc etc etc.
Big difference between buying something used, and borrowing something to make a copy so that there are concurrent owners of one disc. The fact that a library or individual purchased a disc or song doesn't grant them the right to redistribute it.

The problem is, the folks who aren't in the business of making or selling music can't understand why music, movies, etc don't just belong to the world, as long as one person paid for it at some point along the way. It's a difficult concept to explain to those who feel everything on the net should be free.

When some of these kids begin to write and record music, and then can't figure out why nobody actually buys their work, then they'll start to understand.

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