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Default Buying music

I have never supported pirated music, limewire and free downloads; things like that. I have always just paid the 99 cents per song on iTunes.

A few weeks ago, a friend recommend that I could get music by checking out CD's from the library, downloading the music on the comp, and then returning it. That certainly seems like a better option than limewire, since someone paid for the CD's, but I was still a little hesitant to do it.

Then just a few days ago, another friend called me out for using home sharing (the itunes feature) to download music of my brother's iTunes library. I have always used home sharing and have never thought of it in the same vicinity of limewire, but technically, I'm not paying for that music.

So where do we draw the line on buying music? I think almost all would agree that it's unethical to use limewire and things like that, but CD's from the library? Friends or relatives iTunes libraries?

Just wanted to hear some opinions on this.
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