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Default Re: Need life advice about job offer from fellow drummers.

Originally Posted by ToxiqIce View Post
Hello everyone. I'm a long time browser first time poster. Right now I have a job that I really don't like. It's a parts and service job. Its in another town 40 miles away. I like all my coworkers but I'm just not into parts and service. Plus I hate dealing with customers. It's a weakness but I'm just very annoyed by redneck ignorance. But the job pays very well for me just being 18. I have been offered a job for an audio and sound install position at a local music store. It would be work I would enjoy much more. And I get a discount on gear! It would be the same hours As my job and I wouldn't have to drive out of town. The bad news is it pays about 500 a month less and doesn't have health insurance. Anyone care to give me advice on this matter? I would love you long time for it
The lack of health insurance isn't so great, but the loss of $500/month shouldn't really be that bad. Think about how much money you spend on gas with an 80 mile/day round trip to work! You will save a TON of money on gas if you work a lot closer to home, probably close to $300-$400 / month. I just moved closer to work and man is it nice to have a 2 mile/day round trip instead of 45!! I was spending upwards of $300 on gas per month, now I don't anticipate having to fill up more than 2 times in a single month.

Add in the discount on gear and it's a no brainer, just don't go crazy an buy stuff just because you get a discount on it. Make sure you budget your money and be smart about it. By asking the questions you asked, you sound like you are a pretty mature kid to me. :)
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