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Default Re: Do you want to be famous?

Be careful what you wish for. I like being able to go out in public and not have to worry about people coming up to me. There is a certain comfort in flying under the radar.

Although there have been some very well known drummers, lead singers and guitarists are usually more well known. Other than Buddy Rich, there aren't too many famous bands named after the drummer. As opposed to Huey Lewis, Bon Jovi, Doughtry, Tom Petty, Pat Benatar, etc.

When I sing lead vocals on my songs, I can see people craning their necks to see who is singing. They look at all the other band members first, and then they are very surprised when they finally figure out the drummer is singing (process of elimination). At our next gig, we are going to start the night off playing a series of accoustic songs, and I am going to stand up front, singing and playing some light percussion. This should be interesting!
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