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Default Re: The Reverand (Avenged Sevenfold)

Originally Posted by Colin1374 View Post
^ Originally Posted by tambian89
Ok: My opinion hardly That's pretty rude of you to say; I did nothing to really attack him or you. Are you saying that because I've been drumming for just over 2 years, I have no right to express my opinion? Send me a person message if you have something against me or something like that.

I have listened to Avenged Sevenfold, and personally I don't like them. I have looked at the drum parts, too. In terms of creativity, everything the Reverand has played has been done before. In fact, Blake Richardson of Between the Buried and Me seems to do a better job than the Reverand does; Richardson is able to play in not only a more appealing manner, but has a better sense of grooves, as they are far more interesting.

Of course I realize a person can do whatever they want; I myself do it in my own band. I just think that the Reverand doesn't seem to incorporate other styles into his drumming, and his so-called "grooves" have been done before (listen to ...And Justice For All by Metallica, whom "A7X" cites as one of their main influences). Instead of attempting to encompass a wide array of styles, he sticks to typical hardcore grooves. I hardly consider him a bad drummer - he plays his style well - but I feel he gets far too much recognition, and is highly over-rated. His drumming is good, however, it is not a superior as everyone views it; he isn't that good where he deserves this recognition. When he can bring something new to Hardcore music (which Blake Richardson has done), then I will consider as great aOs everyone else seems to consider him until then, I don't.

- Marc

I read all these replies you people were posting until I got here, I stopped after this guy's post because he basically sums up what I totally agree with. He brings nothing creative to the whole genre, he get's stuff done, he is good but not great.
I may not so much be a drummer I admit, but I am a musician. I've played guitar for three years now. I believe everyone has a right to free speech, but you can't say the rev isn't as good as other because what he does/did in their songs wasn't original. If you think about it almost everything has been done. For guitars almost every chord progression has been used. For drums almost every rhythm and/or beat has been used. All in all, I think the rev was an amazing drummer, song writer, and musician. He had a lot of talent!
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