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Default Re: Greetings from Quebec, Canada!

Originally Posted by Sebaslegrand View Post
I'm getting the drumkit for (2 floors, 1 bassdrum, 1 snare, 1 tom 12') for 600$
The cymbals (Hi-hat, Crash 17', Ride (don't know size yet), chinese 20') all Zildjian for 500$
All the cymbal stands and tom rack + other accessories : 280$

That's close to 1400 for the whole kit with cymbals and everything. The guy told me this kit can be worth an easy 3000 with everything I've got on it. Why do you say they're only 750 ? I've seen them everywhere way more expensive than 750 used!

The cymbals are Zildjian K series.
I need to find the extra 2 toms that I'm missing, 8' and 10' in this color, used for a good price, anybody have them?
Hi and welcome. The deal you mention doesn't sound good to me. Way too much. Zildjian K's are nice but $500 for 3 cymbals? Eh.... I am always wary of the "take-all-this-stuff-off-of-my-hands" deals that include everything but the kitchen sink. It's important to be patient when buying used. It is a buyer's market so YOu have the upper hand. For $1,400, my oh my, you can get close to a used professional kit for $1,000 (Mapex Saturn, Yamahas). Stands/hardware for $150-200 total. Cymbals maybe $400. But look, you can get the same deal this seller is offering and get a professional kit instead of a "decent" mid-level kit you'l probably want to replace at some point down the road.

Wait and be patient. Keep looking :)
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