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Default Re: Do you want to be famous?

Originally Posted by bermuda
Someone can be very successful, yet obscure to public recognition
This is so VERY true of many session drummers - I see a distinct divide between successful drummers: the ones who come out with DVDs and truckloads of "promo" material, and the ones who are far too busy in the studio to do any of that.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for drummers from both sides of the divide, but the devide very tangibly exists.

If I'm completely honest, I would rather be on the "promo" side of the divide...not because I have huge confidence in my ability or skill (I don't), but because one thing I love more than playing is teaching by playing - which is precisely what clinicians do, and they get recognition for it; not for being a person, but for the hard graft that they put in to get where they are!
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