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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this forum for the past few weeks, so I figure its finally time to introduce myself!

Real name? - Mark

Age? - 27

How long have you been playing? - around 8 months.

Origin of user name? - Jimmythemonkey has been my pseudonym since I was a child - it's a long and illogical story

Your top 5 drummers? - Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Taylor Hawkins, Stanton Moore, Brad Wilk

Make of drumkit? - Ludwig Centennial Moto kit with Ludwig Black Magic Snare; Roland TD-4KX2 with a couple of additions

Make of cymbal? - Zildjian 21" A Sweet Ride, 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash, 20" A Custom EFX Crash, and 15" Light K hi-hats.

Where do you practice? - Mostly at home. After the sun goes down I practice on my Roland kit to spare the neighbors.

Are you in a band? - Sort of, I play once in a while with some of my MBA classmates. We mostly play parodies for school posterity.

Do you play covers or originals? - Covers. I much prefer to mimic my favorite sounds than create new ones of my own. My brother is the creative one.

What style of music? - Mostly hard rock and classic rock, but I mess around in other genres from time to time.

Favourite take out food? - craft beer

What country do you live in? - Atlanta, GA, USA

One really odd fact about yourself? - I have lived in 27 different places in my 27 years.

How did you start drumming? - I played guitar for close to 15 years, once in a while dabbling on my brother's drum set. I got a Roland eDrum kit last fall and have never looked back at my now dust-gathering guitars. The stress relieving qualities of banging on drums are unparalleled.

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