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Default Re: Do you want to be famous?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ta for the info DD. If you are using a hearing aid does that mean you can hear a little bit?
The only valid reason for wearing hearing aids for me. I have residual hearing, and I make great use of it, as you can see from my posts. That's why I know there's no comparison between feeling things and hearing them. My hearing is rudimentary compared to yours. I can't pick apart guitars from each other, tell you what melodies they are playing or what key it sounds to be in, never mind if that's an Ovation playing on a CD. However, I can tell pitches and tune instruments, but in restricted environments (don't ask me to tune a bass guitar on the fly in the middle of a song, though I can get a didge drone going and tune my voice to it, an octave above and either a fourth or a fifth above it (need to check it on a piano)).
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