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Default Re: Do you want to be famous?

Originally Posted by deafdrummer View Post
Sorry to hijack, but I want to clear up a common misconception. No, I don't. When I'm at home plugged into my sound board, everything I experience musically comes down that headphone wire (which is plugged into my hearing aids). I hear it. I don't feel it. To me, feeling it like some deaf people supposedly do has no comparison to actually hearing it because there is a LOT of auditory information that can't possibly be felt by a human, such as the difference between an oboe and a clarinet, a man's voice and a woman's voice singing in the same register (so that you can't mistake one for the other in a song), or an Ovation guitar from a Les Paul. No way. Sorry :-)
Ta for the info DD. If you are using a hearing aid does that mean you can hear a little bit?
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