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Default Re: Do you want to be famous?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Holy crap man...I have to ask, at the end of the day, do you feel your early experience was an advantage for you or disadvantage? One would think disadvantage by default but you never know.
The experience with my deafness? Both. One the one hand, I may be short-changed in the suave-movement skills of social skills, as I came along missing critical skills, and I still don't have some of them, however, even though deafness has obvious benefits such as being able to sleep solidly at night provided I wear an eye mask at night, etc., the other not-so-obvious benefit was shielding me from being taught at a young enough age to be sucked into whatever belief system was around me before I was old enough to be able to form my own worldview, and it extended the time in which I lived in a, I don't know, a lower state of civilization(?) or socialization where my mind was growing in its own direction rather than being shaped through language (though it could be said that it was being shaped visually just from exposure to technology like bicycles, TVs, vehicles, though I didn't know their names or why they worked, but it's a different thing). It's kind of like being caught between the average child and a child who lived in the wild. You could say that I hated and resented school work because it represented the cage to the child, the growing adult who wanted to do whatever, whenever, anytime, even though the highlight of the school day was always the playtime or lunch time. That would be true of children in general, but it was even stronger in me because I didn't receive the sort of teaching through language of how to be until much later. It was almost like during that time, I was one foot out from going into the wild and never found again, following that natural instinct to simply be.

It was hard...
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