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Default Greetings from Quebec, Canada!


I'm new to this place, and I'm going to buy my new drum kit this weekend, switching from an old "TRAK" drum kit worth something like 100$ to a TAMA SUPERSTAR... While I'm here I need you guys to tell me if this is a good deal!

Here is the picture, if any of you can identify the model and make... I'd love you!

I'm getting all this for 600$ + another 500$ in cymbals (Hi-Hat, 17' Crash, 20' China, Ride) all Zildjian. Going to inquire on the exact models. I was told this kit was worth more than 3000$ fully equipped (with all the stands, and the kit itself, and the cymbals... etc) I'll take a picture when I get it!

So yeah... Also, wanted to know where I can get 2 extra toms for it, since it only comes with one! It comes with the 12' tom, and I'd need the same set toms, the 8' and the 10'.


Soooooooooo a little about me...

I'm a french canadian, I listen to technical progressive melodic death metal ! Haha yeah, complicated stuff. Probably gave you a headache too! :) My goal is to eventually be able to create and play this style. For now, I'm a newbie and started playing 2 months ago. Had a hard time with the money beat but after 2 months I'm now playing some bullet for my valentine, which isn't really bad I guess! Didn't take any classes or courses either.

I'm a self-teaching person, I'll rarely go and pay for teaching services, the internet is a vast learning place!

So yeah, I love hockey, and I follow the Detroit Red Wings since I was a little kid, even though I live in Montreal. My main interests are computers, hockey and drumming (+ music of so many genres, mainly progressive death).

Glad to meet you all and I hope I get a lot of information here from you all! I hope I can become something pretty good in the upcoming months/years ! :)

~ Sébastien
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