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Default Re: Get yo Meinl out!

Originally Posted by Manicoti View Post
I started out going after the same set up as Benny Greb, but ended up with a bit of a variation.
Funny thing, it's exactly what happened with me :).

At this point I own:

20" Sand Ride (awesome for everything except rather quiet playing, especially quiet jazz)
20" Extra Dry Crash (awesome sound)
18" Extra Dry Crash
16" Dark Crash
14" Sand Hats and
14" Extra Dry Hats (again awesome, I bought those because the Sand Hats are again
kind of too loud for quiet situations - the Extra Drys are excellent for that)
10" Extra Dry Splash

all Byzance

I still want:
22" Sand Crash - tested it at Frankfurt Musikmesse, exquisit pie!
A higher pitched more brillant crash to replace my 15" Sabian AAX-plosion crash - maybe a Byzance 15" Traditional?
A set of small hihats to replace my 13" Paiste 2002s
A small splash (8" or so) to go along with my 10" extra dry.

pics to follow...
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