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Default Re: DW pedals ... kind of crap?

I play in heavy rock bands, and I use the 2 leg 3000 hat pedal. I have 3 of them (for different kits) and one was bought when it was still a 5000L(ight).

It's sturdy, and roadworthy. I like that it's lighter--that's why I bought it.
I also use a left side ft, so 2 legs is what I need, and this pedal works and feels just fine. Even under heavy playing with 15" and 16" hi hats.

I also like the Eliminator over the 5000 or 3000, but with a delta hinge, I like the 3000 over the 5000.
Actually, I played a new 2012 model PDP pedal--has a silver finish, and pretty smooth footboard. It was super smooth and had GREAT action AND it was tagged at $89!!
To each their own, but for MY foot I'd take that PDP over a 5000 any time.
Unless someone abuses the pedal, it's not gonna fall apart. Parts used these days are too good, and something would have to be a pretty budget pedal to dump out on someone.

I also really love the Tama Camco. I just started using mine again after 20 years and just bought a new re-issue for a spare on gigs. It flies and feels awesome (also, without any heavy duty heel plate)!!
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