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Default Re: Do you want to be famous?

My prof. actually created a thread on the school message board and just sent me one of the responses. I'm kind of suprised how into this I'm getting, especially for being an Information Systems (business) Major.

This is an interesting take. I'm not religious AT ALL, but I am interested in how others think...

Yes, the desire to be famous is self worship, ego, and pride.

These are great sins that separate man from God and make man generally difficult to be around and deal with.

It is the one over arching sin. The sin from which all other sin is born from.

I will steal from you because I come first.
I will sleep with her because my pleasure comes before honoring women.
I will lie to you to protect myself because I come first.
I will disrespect my parents because I feel like it and my desire comes first.
I am angry with you because you dare to upset me and my wants.
I reject God because He really comes first and that doesn't jive with me coming first.

Point out any problem in the world or any sin and I will show you selfish pride at the root of it.
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