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Default Do you want to be famous?

Something that was brought up in my philosophy class today... Is there anything wrong with wanting to be famous? I understand that many of you play music for the PUREST reason (just to play), and I literally have WORLDS of respect for you, but I've been in front of large crowds, and I'm honestly addicted to the chills you get of having one of those great spontaneous moments that happen through the combination of musical energy and crowd energy.

I'm not going to be hypocritical, a portion of it is just getting to show off on stage. I spent years in small rooms running through drumming rudiments to a metronome, and the idea of being famous to the point where people come running just to see the product of hard work IS one of the reasons why I play.

I'm young (20s), but have been playing most of my life. I've found that once I finally became honest with myself and realized my own selfish intentions, I actually started to enjoy the music in itself more.
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