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Default Re: DW pedals ... kind of crap?

I have all Yamaha hardware except for my 9000 pedals and snare stand. When I got my Yamaha drums, I ordered Yamaha pedals as well. After 6 or 7years of punishment, it couldn't hold up any more. This was their top of the line offering right before the Flying Dragon series came out. I wasn't mad about it. It was a great pedal but just wasn't sturdy enough to keep going.
I ended up replacing it with DW's 9000 series and haven't looked back. It is built rock solid and is infinitely adjustable. The only reason I replaced my Yamaha hihat stand is because I like the idea of having matching pedals. I ended up getting the DW snare stand, too. I've never seen a heavier duty snare stand and I like the way it adjusts.
The rest of my Yamaha hardware is great. There's no reason to replace it. All great stuff. NOT crap!
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