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Default Re: DW pedals ... kind of crap?

The big surprise to me was the Yamaha pedals. I've used Yamaha d for years, & believe it to be consistently the best out there, but I always regarded their pedals as a bit cumbersome & uninspiring. Their latest 9000 series are very well made & also very smooth & responsive. Constructional quality is certainly a cut above the DW5000 series, and, at least in the UK, cheaper too.[/quote]

I love Yamaha hardware. Cheaper than most of the big names and very, very reliable. Agree with the pedals. I have the new 8500C. Very smooth, powerful, responsive and has the longer footboard which is great for me for playing heel toe and just because i've got quite big feet. I only use Yamaha Hardware, to me it's the best out
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