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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Elias Kijera Simpson
Age? 18
How long have you been playing? Around 7 years?
Origin of user name? My middle name, with drums in it :P
Your top 5 drummers? Travis Barker, Matt Greiner, Abe Cunningham, John Bonham, Justin Foley
Make of drumkit? Sonor 3007
Make of cymbal? Stagg Myra 17", Paiste Alpha Medium 18", Paiste 2000 Power Ride 20" Paiste Alpha 14" Hi Hats, Stagg DH 18" China, Stagg DH 12" China
Where do you practice? college and at home
Are you in a band? Yes
Do you play covers or originals? Originals
What style of music? Metalcore, progressive, metal
Favourite take out food? Burgers!!
What country do you live in? England
One really odd fact about yourself? Hmm, I start fills and double bass left footed on a righty kit?
How did you start drumming? When I was around 10 my music teacher saw I had good rhythm and told me to start getting lessons, I switched from guitar :)
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