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Default Re: What was your first time listening to Free Jazz by Ornette Coleman like?

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Ornette certainly came from bop, although if you had suggested to bop musicians at the time that Ornette's music was bop, you'd have probably started a riot :)

One of my faves that kind of defies categorization. It's unmistakably jazz, though, and (IMO) unmistakably great:
Larry, with that last one I'm stuck in the middle. I found the rhythm section meditative (and generally fabulous) but on the first listen the twin horns grated on me, especially the trumpet. I liked them a lot at first but, to my ear, they overstayed their welcome.

Classification? Cool Afro avant-garde jazz :)

Second listen and I feel far more comfortable with the horns ... obviously one of those things that rewards extra listening.
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