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Default Re: What was your first time listening to Free Jazz by Ornette Coleman like?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Well, if you find it abrasive and jarring now, you will probably find it abrasive and jarring again! I happen to think it's some of the best music that human beings have yet created, but of course people can have differences of opinion on that kind of thing. It is probably easier for me to understand how others find Coleman's free jazz to be abrasive and jarring, than it is for others to understand how I find it relaxing and meditative.

Monk was OK, but had a very limited repertoire, repolishing the same songs over and over again.
Funny thing ... this Ornette Coleman track, Ramblin', was suggested to me by YouTube just after reading your post and was about to give Ornette another chance.

This one is relaxing and I actually enjoyed it, but it's bop. Still, that's something because I only enjoy a fairly small % or bop too.
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