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Good question!

I have been searching Paice's cymbals subject for some time to clarify concerns.

It is confirmed that Ian is a full-blown Paiste player and is an Paiste Official Artist Since April 1971. As per quite few drumming articles and cymbal reviews, during 1960 to 1971 he played Giant Beats until the 2002's emerged and switched to them until the present.

Regarding the Speed King video, looking at the top flat of the cymbal bells...they give the impression of 602's line set.

The 602's are since 1959 and Giant Beats since just 1 year difference between cymbals!

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
so the Speed King vid - what cymbals you think he was using? Its 1970.... so GB's? they don't look the right sizes. I'm guessing 602's, as to my knowledge he was always a Paiste guy.
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