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Default Re: Sampler with octopus-like trigger pads?

I see now, probably should have read the whole Roland manual. I didn't realize there was an additional sample trigger input in the back of the SPD-S, thought hi-hat style expression pedal was the only thing. I'm going to get a snare style pad and mount it on the right side of my kit, so as to help out with those sections where I'm in the middle of a ride beat and can't swing over left where the main unit will be. It appears to allow 2 mono, so I could augment 2 samples per song this way, but I'll have to experiment to see how that works I suppose.

I'll post back if it works so as to help out anyone else who might Google their way here with a similar dilemma. Rock on.

*Edit: Even better, the SPD-SX appears to allow up to 4 triggers through 2 inputs. Looks like I've got a relative winner here.
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