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Default Re: Sampler with octopus-like trigger pads?

For separate pads, you'll need to go into a pad-midi unit, and then connect that to a module/sampler. I'm not aware of a module (that takes custom samples) or a sampler that has direct trigger inputs.*

I'm tellin ya, between all the pads, their mounts, the cabling to each, a powered trigger-midi unit, and a powered module, you're in for a time-consuming set-up and tear-down.

Simple is good, Train yourself to hit an all-in-one pad/module like the Roland SPD-SX, Alesis SamplePad, or Yamaha MultiPad. Your wallet will also thank you.


* Actually, I think the Yamaha DTX900 (950?) brain plays your samples, and of course has multiple pad inputs. But you're looking at the cost of that, plus all the other pads, mounts & cables. Seriously, not fun or cost effective compared to the alternatives I mentioned.
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