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Default Re: Concerts that surpised you as to how good the band was

Paul Simon from Dec of 2011. i was not really a huge fan before the show, just kinda kept up w/ the new tunes a bit & knew everything Gadd ever played in - knew all the Simon & Garfunkel stuff. i basically went just to hear Jamey Haddad kick ass. i was blown away & it turned into "the history of PS music".

WTF, i have never seen so many beautiful sounding guitars IN_TUNE on stage at one time. Paul's vintage acoustic alone might have been worth 100K.

every single player sang & doubled / tripled / quad'd on other instruments. i look over & the guitar player Mark Stewart is now on Bari Sax...i look over & the drummer is playing kick & hi-hat w/ his feet while playing guitar & singing !!! everyone played percussion (well) at some point. on & on. it was nuts.
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