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Default Re: Concerts that surpised you as to how good the band was

1987 (yes, I'm old) Market Square Arena (no longer there, feeling even older) in Indianapolis, IN. The Cult opens for Billy Idol. I went with some friends because 1) I was in high school 2) everyone was going to see Billy Idol and 3) what else is there to do in Indiana in the middle of July, so why not? I didn't even know who The Cult was but was absolutely blown away by their show. Amazing energy and sound. Ian Astbury put on one of the best performances by a front man that I've seen to date. Billy Duffy shredded his guitar non-stop for 45 minutes. The only concert that I've been to where I didn't stare at the drummer the entire time. They blew Billy Idol away...crowd energy went from 10 to about a 5 after he came on and it went down from there. I went out the next day and bought the "Electric" of my favorites to this day. Great topic by the way...good memories.
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