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Default Concerts that surpised you as to how good the band was

Simply asking what concerts that ya'll have been to where you didnt have high expectaions of the bands (opening, or headlining), but left very surpired as to how great they were.

I have two. Back in 2007 I went to see DT at the Orpheum in Vancouver during they Systematic Chaos tour. The bands playing with them were Three, Between the Buried and Me and Opeth. I was blowen away by Three, amazing live show they put on, they were eq'ed perfectly and ontop of it all, DT was not that great that night.

2nd one was in summer of 2011, when I went to see Skillet at the Rock the River series. Opening for them were Downhere, Tedashi, and Starfield. TFK was suposed to be there, but the singer got a bad voice so they had to skip the show. I didnt have high expectations with Skillet, but I got to say, Ive been to so many concerts, seen like 40 bands live and by far Skillet is my fav Ive seen. Their show was perfect. Great eq, considering it was outside, they sounded like the album and the theatrics were amazing. Great show concidering it was a Christian rock band.

So, anyone here have some to share?

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