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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name- Brian
Age- 39
How long have you been playing- on and off over the last couple years
Origin of user name- rzewski is a composer I enjoy
Your top 5 drummers- elvin, tony, roach
Make of drumkit- mapex pro M snare, pulse junior kit for the rest :)
Make of cymbal- paiste 101 hats, sabien xs20 med ride
Where do you practice- home
What style of music- jazz
What country do you live in- WA USA

How did you start drumming- You'll laugh. I bought wifey Rockband for xbox a few years back. I played plastic drums with her for a couple days, and enjoyed it. But the plastic drums and play-along by flashing lights weren't my thing, so I quit her "band" and gradually picked up a real set.

One really odd fact about yourself- I come from a classical background. I have a bach. music in oboe. I've played lots of classical guitar in school, too. On the outside, I got tired of trying to find decent people to play with, so I went back to classical piano since that works well solo. That's still my main instrument. But I really enjoy drumming, too.
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