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Originally Posted by mlehnertz
Are we listening to the same tune Stu? Bat Country? Good God man, if you thought the DW snare sound was bitchin' in the "baby drummer" thread, how can you like this snare sound?

Actually I was just going off the whole album. I personally think Bat Country isn't the best song on there (but I do see why it was the main single).

Listening to it again (bat country, actually all the songs sound like the same snare), yeah, I like it a lot. It has a nice dry woody sound too it. The only snare sounds I really don't like are those high pitched twangy snares (the piccolo's). Or like a lot of the R&B guys who tune their snares so high it chokes all the tone out of it and all you get is CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK sound.

I like the Revs snare because it has beef. Of course it loses the nice snare response, but who cares. He just smashing the hell out of it anyway! Most of that sound is probably from Protools anyway. It sounds heavily engineered, since I've never heard a snare sound that way naturally.
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