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Default Re: Songwriting tips

Originally Posted by kettles View Post
I totally agree, most of my favourite songs are made up of a few simple parts that are put together well. Thanks for the suggestion on that software, I'll check it out.

Surprised no one else has responded... do no drummers ever write their own stuff?
I learned long ago that the only people that get royalties are melody creators and songwriters. There is a great feeling when you get a check in the mail every month from something you created once. I encourage drummers to learn how to write songs.

A long time ago I created my first CD, I wasn’t really good at keyboards, so I approached the keys as a drummer. A few of songs were broadcast on cable networks all over the US for many years. If you want to step out and learn how to write and create intellectual property, do it, don’t let anything stop you, it can only make your drumming and your musical skills improve.

If you have any more questions, email me at my website, I would be glad to help.
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