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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name- Ryan
Age- 24
How long have you been playing- 14 years
Origin of user name- acronym for the band i am in
Your top 5 drummers- no order Gavin Harrison,Thomas Pridgen,Tim Alexander,Danny Carey,Max Roach
Make of drumkit- ddrum Dios M 5 piece
Make of cymbal Paiste pst 5 hats, ride, and crash, zildjian trashformer 10 inch. evolving with funds
Where do you practice- home
Are you in a band-more like a project
Do you play covers or originals- originals
What style of music- Prog, avant-garde,
Favourite take out food- jimmy johns
What country do you live in- Montana United States
One really odd fact about yourself- Can dislocate my left shoulder
How did you start drumming- elementary school on the snare
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