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Default Re: The Reverand

hrmm.. Avenged Sevenfold. personally, i love these guys. guitarists do a great job playing in their songs, interesting, staying in key, harmonizing riffs. the singer has a very unique voice and stays in key. the drumming is very creative and very technical while still fitting to the music. I saw these guys live.. and i do have a complaint. while his drumming is spectacular, he barely hits his drums, like tapping at some points. at some points you couldnt even here some of the drums, expecially the snare. and his snare drum sounds the same live too, im not a big fan of it. and if you look in modern drummer at the pacific drum ads with him in it, he is holding the stick between his fingers, he actually plays like that alot live, he does excessive stick twirling, which is the reason for the weird grip on the stick. but you gotta hand it to these guys, fact is they are good musicians that create good music, just not to everyones preferences.
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