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Default Re: What's Your Favorite Album Side?

John, you have a hip mum!

Side 3 of Zappa's double live, Roxy and Elsewhere is a treat - first is Cheepnis (with the "invisible nylon string attached to the jaws of a gain spider", then Son of Orange County has a brilliant mood and solo leading to with an inspired segue into More Trouble Every Day, with the drum motif that inspired Phil Collins's air drumming orgasm in In the Air Tonight. Great music, great lyrics - with none of his crude adolescent carry on.

It's been so long I'd need reminding with most of my old albums but that one stands out, along with side 1 of Apostrophe.

Side 1 of Steely Dan's Aja - Black Cow, Aja and Deacon Blues.

Side 2 of King Crimson's Disipline - Thela Hun Ginjeet (insane rhythm section with covert recording of Adrian Belew talking about how he almost got mugged) , the atmospheric and original The Sheltering Sky, and the hypnotic title track where they get multiple overlaying .time sigs to sound funky and natural.

Here's one you wouldn't expect- Side 1 of Supertramp's Crime of the Century - School, Bloody Well Right, Hide in Your Shell and Asylum. The other side would be even better except for the irritating Dreamer.

Side 1 of Dark Side of the Moon - Breathe, On the Run, Time and Great Gig in the Sky.

Also side 1 of Wish You Were Here - Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Welcome to the Machine.

Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow, side 2 - Cause We've Ended As Lovers, Thelonius,
Freeway Jam, Diamond Dust

That's enough for now :)
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